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We constantly create innovative and cost effective products for the highly price sensitive market of India. Additionally, our products are also designed to withstand the challenges of Indian electricity supply.

Our team comprises highly professional and dedicated design engineers who possess the necessary expertise to deliver reliable and efficient electromechanical designs. Our R&D set up is amongst the best in India and is one of our fundamental strengths. We are committed to achieving excellence in everything we do, and we foster an open work environment that encourages a highly collaborative work culture in our design center.

Our R&D team is equipped with the most cutting edge technology that helps us design and test our products rigorously. These include conducting tests on the products using equipment such as an integration sphere, high voltage generator, surge voltage generator, EMI compliance setup, glow wire tester, water ingress protection testing, thermal profile tester and humidity & temperature tester In order to expedite the prototyping of the products, we have created a nimble printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping setup in the design center which lets us create sample PCB’s within a matter of hours. We also have a 3D printer in our design center which is capable of creating physical plastic parts based on the 3D model that is created by our engineers. Our team is capable of bringing these technical products to manufacturing generally within a span of 3 months. We have the ability to customize our products to the specific requirements of our customers as well which has led to more than 1000 different finished goods that we manufacture. This rapid pace of development helps us increase our new product sales and continues to give us an enormous edge over our competitors.

Rimless Backlit Panel

Spot Lights

Rope Lights


High Power Bulbs

Inverter Bulbs and Battens

Backlit Panels


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Slim Backlit Panels

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